Aqua Green Marabu Alcohol Ink 297

  • $3.99


 You will receive a 20ml bottle. 

  • Alcohol-based, permanent ink for a wide range of pouring techniques and creative designs
  • The brilliantly bright colours are quick drying, acid free and suitable for mixing. Transparent, dye-based colours (exceptions: metallic colours and diamond)
  • Ideal for non-absorbent backgrounds (e.g. synthetic paper, ceramic, glass, metal etc.)
  • Intense, loud designs are created with the fluorescent neon day-glow colours
  • Diamond Alcohol Ink adds a very special, sparkling shimmer to all Alcohol Ink colours
  • The Alcohol Ink Extender is used to mix, lighten and lift Alcohol Ink colours. It also slows the drying process

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