Tack-It Over and Over

  • $4.99

Ever wish you could add an embellishment to that top for just one evening, or convert a certain outfit into a costume with just a few temporary additions? Luckily there’s Aleene’s Tack-It Over & Over, a temporary adhesive that offers a sticky hold for temporarily tacking items like appliqués, trims, buttons and much more onto a variety of surfaces. It’s versatility and temporary tackiness also make it great for creating your own DIY glue dots. 

  •       Provides a temporary hold for appliqués, trims and more to fabrics
  •       Nontoxic
  •       Repositionable
  •       Dries clear and flexible
  •       Great for making glue dots

- See more at: https://www.aleenes.com/aleenes-tack-it-over-and-over#sthash.ThT29gnY.dpuf


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